Feria SCSC

We are so excited for Feria SCSC 2019! Join us Friday, November 8th at Winthrop University for a day of competition for your students!


¡Hola y bienvenidos! Read more to learn about our Feria Spanish Conference of South Carolina!
What is it?     Feria SCSC is a competition for high school students of Spanish in the areas of Timed Writing, Impromptu Speaking, and Spanish Spelling Bee. We plan to add more events in the future, as well as expand to middle school.
Where is it?     DiGiorgio Campus Center, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC
When is it?     November 8, 2019 
How do I get my students involved?     First, a sponsoring teacher must be a member of AATSPSC in order to participate. Join or renew your membership at AATSP.org.
Then, look through the tabs with event details to plan and practice. You choose how you will select your 16 (maximum) students for competition!
How do I register students? Registration is live! Go to our payment portal to register your team! Registration deadline is Friday, November 1, 2019 at 6pm.


Number of participants:

 Each school may bring up to 16 students. No observers may attend.

**Schools should be sure to arrange and provide chaperones at the appropriate ratio—at least one adult per 10 students or fraction thereof.

Number of alternates:

Each school may list up to 16 alternates from which they must choose should they need one. Student alternates not used as delegates may NOT attend the conference as Feria SCSC does not permit observers.


Students are required to have a 2.O G.P.A. for the grading period preceding the competition. They must also have passed 5 of 6 or 5 of 7 classes. If the status changes, an eligible alternate must be substituted from your alternate list.


 Student participants will be divided into four categories as follows:

  • (A)Students who have ONLY learned Spanish exclusively in the classroom.
  • (B)Students with limited outside experience at home or in a Spanish-speaking environment.
  • (C)Students with extensive outside experience at home or in a Spanish-speaking environment.
  • (D)Students reared and educated in a Spanish-speaking environment.
  • Only high school students in levels 2-AP are allowed to compete. They will be registered according to the years of Spanish studied. This is their current level or most recent level taken.

No more than 40% of a team should be in categories B, C, and D combined.

Students will register at the numeric level that corresponds with their most recent level of Spanish instruction (years 2, 3, 4, or AP) and in the category that best describes their Spanish-learning experiences. This decision is made between the student and the teacher and with the understanding that the student will be placed in the correct category. If a student is found to have competed in the incorrect category (A D category student who signed up for A or B category competition, for example.), that student’s scores will be disqualified, and that school will not be allowed to compete the following year.

Ex: A student who has learned Spanish exclusively through school and is in Spanish III would be 3A.

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With thanks to our student organization partners, Sigma Delta Pi.

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