March Spelling Bee

Good news! For our very first annual FeriaSCSC Spelling Bee, each school will be allowed TWO participants instead of one! You read that correctly! TWO students per school will be competing in the Spelling Bee for FeriaSCSC 2018!

That being said, what can you be doing to work with these words? (Don’t forget, the complete list is located at!) As you practice with pronunciation and sounding out words, you can also incorporate activities to teach meanings as well. Here are some ideas!

Writing Practice

  • Put students in small groups or teams. Have them select ten words, look them up in a dictionary or on, spell them out loud, and then create a sentence with the word.
  • Rearrange the groups so that everyone is sitting with new partners. Then, they teach each other the ten words from their original group. Again, practice spelling them out loud in addition to going over the meaning of the words.
  • Now that there are lots of new words and meanings floating around, you can do a Round Robin Story.
    • One person writes a sentence at the top of a paper, on the board, or on a digital platform that everyone can see (such as a class blog or using something like They should bold or underline the Spelling Bee word they used.
    • The next student adds on to the story with a new sentence. They will also bold or underline the Spelling Bee word in the sentence.
    • Continue until all the new words have been used.
    • Added bonus: This activity can help students practice for the Timed Writing competition!

Speaking Practice

  • Jenga!! You can buy a few class sets of Jenga to use for lots of activities.
  • I recommend you either get the Multi Color set, or get an original set and use a marker or paint on the ends of the blocks so you have several different colors.
  • On the board, write something like:
    • Azul: Choose a word from Sets 1-5
    • Verde: Choose a word from Sets 6-10
    • Amarillo: Choose a word from Sets 11-15
    • Rojo: Choose a word from Sets 16-20
  • Put students into small groups or teams.
  • One student will pull a block and set it on the top. Whichever color they choose, they will then look at the official list of words, choose one, look it up, spell it out loud, and then verbally create a sentence with the word. (Be sure they share the word meaning with their group as they look it up.)
  • The next student does the same thing: Pull a block, select a word from the list, look it up, share the meaning, spell it out, and verbally create a sentence.
  • Tip: Have students highlight the words as they go, or write out the definition on a separate sheet of paper so they don’t forget.
  • Continue until the Jenga tower falls!