Please read the complete constitution below.  To download a copy, Feria Constitution.

Article I – Name and Purpose

Section 1.1

The name of this organization is Feria Spanish Conference of South Carolina. Also known as FeriaSCSC.


Section 1.2

The purpose of the Feria Spanish Conference of South Carolina is to give students an opportunity to compete among themselves in the fields of timed writing, impromptu speech, and Spanish spelling bee.


Section 1.3

The activities of the Conference will be carried on to the greatest extent possible in the Spanish language, another purpose of the organization is to promote the use of the Spanish language in conversation, and in carrying on the meetings of the group, and to provide additional incentive and enthusiasm for the study of Spanish at the high school level.


Article II – Sponsorship

Section 2.1

The South Carolina Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSPSC) promotes and encourages teachers of the Spanish language at the high school level to participate.


Section 2.2

Any teacher whose students are participating in FeriaSCSC must be a member in good standing with AATSPSC. Teachers who are members of AATSP are automatically members of AATSPSC.


Each participating student, teacher, and chaperon must pay a registration fee to be determined each year depending on location and cost. Each participating school will pay a non-refundable fee of with their application of intent to attend the conference. Such fee will be used to cover the sponsoring school’s expense.


Article III – Membership

Section 3.1

Membership in the conference is limited to 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade full time high school students enrolled in Spanish classes in Levels II (two) and above. Students in the 7th and 8th grade may not attend for the 2017 cycle, but will ultimately be allowed in future cycles.


Online students must be accompanied by either their own high school Spanish teacher in the virtual school, or a cooperating high school Spanish teacher in the same virtual school. For verification purposes, when the school enrolls for the competition, send current class schedule and online enrollment with the student questionnaire.


Article IV – Governing Body

Section 4.1


The Advisory Board is made up of the officers of the South Carolina Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSPSC).


Section 4.2

The duties of the various officers are those usually contemplated by such positions. The Advisory Board will have general supervision over the activities of the conference.


Section 4.3

The attire for competition should not be offensive to others or inappropriate for an academic state competition. Inappropriate dress includes, but is not limited to: exposed under-garments; exposed midriffs; saggy or baggy pants; apparel promoting drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gang ID, weapons, profanity, and/or sexual behavior.


Article V – Meeting

Section 5.1

There shall be an annual conference in the Spring at a date determined by the Advisory Board.


Section 5.2

At the conference, there will be a contest in the areas of timed writing, impromptu speaking, and Spanish spelling bee.


Section 5.3

The number of judges per event is outlined under each event tab on the website and is subject to change.


Section 5.4

Student performances will be given ratings of Sobresaliente, Superior, Excelente or Bueno.


Section 5.5

Students will be judged according to rubrics and rules posted on the website in advance.


Section 5.6

Individual performers will be judged for ratings with other students of the same year and background in Spanish. Therefore, there will be a separate competition in each category and at each level. Category A students will perform first, then B, then C, then D. Topics will range in difficulty according to the categories.


 Article VI – Registration

Section 6.1

There shall be a registration fee set by the Advisory Board.


Section 6.2

The host school /Advisory Board may reserve the right to reject late registrations.


Article VII – Classification of Contestants

Section 7.1

Contestants shall be divided into four (4) groups, and will compete only within their group. The four (4) groups are:


  1. Students who have learned Spanish exclusively in the classroom.
  2. Students with limited outside experience at home or in a Spanish-speaking environment.
  3. Students with extensive outside experience at home or in a Spanish-speaking environment.
  4. Students reared and educated in a Spanish-speaking environment.


Article VIII – Limits on Attendance

Section 8.1

The number of students permitted to attend from any school shall be no more than sixteen (16) students per school.


Article IX – Amendments

Section 9.1

Any proposed amendments may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of AATSPSC board members.



Note: The FeriaSCSC Constitution and events have been modeled after the Florida State Spanish Conference sponsored by the Florida Chapter of AATSP. The South Carolina Chapter of AATSP would like to extend our deep gratitude for allowing us to use their resources and materials for FeriaSCSC.